Demonology – A Theological Fairytale Gone Wrong

In this place was once a pernicious though wholly unintentional lie.  The link you just clicked, had, for quite a while, directed many people – people who apparently were unable to comprehend the allegorical nature of the post – to a list of theological demons.  Even in the preamble to the post, it was clearly stated that demons do not exist, that they are a metaphorical representation of ideas, traditions and people that were disliked by the early church.  We all know, even the fundamentalist among us, that whatsoever the church dislikes shall suffer persecution and vilification at the behest of papal decree.  And so it was with demons.

The aforementioned list, complete with its inaccuracies and misinterpretations (I’m not perfect), was wholly misleading to any who chose to skip over that one simple caveat, and who perhaps took the list to be literal telling of the nature, existence and prevalence of demons, as is popularised by Hollywood.


Those of you reading this with disbelief and for all the rest of you who would argue the point, I answer only by stating that you, given your position on the subject, are ignorant of the teachings of your faith.  It is funny to me, in an ironic sense if anything, that this stance I take on the argument will be easier swallowed by nearly anyone, than its theological opposite.  That opposite being, not that demons exist (they do not), but that God doesn’t exist.

This is a position I support, but this is not the purpose of this post, which is a retraction, if you will, of the insinuation that demons are some real world entity, pious boogeymen, so to speak, with some actual power over the mental and physical will of man.

So, as you can see, the offending content is no more, and commenting has been suspended so as to avoid the ensuing theological diarrhea one would logically expect from such a thing.  I cannot undo the damage my words have done up to this point, whether through the inaccuracy of my research or through the misinterpretation of its presentation, but I can prevent the same from infecting the minds of others who would seek answers on the subject.

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